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"Sparkle" is a set of plain Windows DLL and two optional components created either to add a "Build Flash Screen Saver" feature to your existant product or to be an "engine" of your standalone "screen saver builder" application. This set of DLL, ActiveX and/or Delphi component lets your software user to create a full-featured, distributable screen saver using your application and Macromedia Flash movie (*.swf). Recommended as an extention of your Flash-related software, an engine for your a standalone shareware proguct or even for an appropriate online service. Here is the typical example of a screen saver that your software users can get:

Title: Sparkle
Author: vandog
Price / Cost: US $72.00
Platform / OS: Windows (All)
Version: 1.2
File Size: 2220kb
Last Updated: 2004-07-30
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