Powered Calendar

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This is a stand-alone events calendar system which facilitates it’s members by can creating their own calendars, allow them to have their own private calendars and display a global calendar as well as assign calendar managers. Features: User Features • Post events • Ability to post recurring events • Search for events • View the calendar using the Daily View, Weekly View, Monthly View or Yearly View • Specify which event categories should be displayed in the calendar Optional User Features Features that may be turned off by the Manager/Administrator • Have a reminder sent before an event takes place • Add an attachment to the events • Users can have their own calendars where they can post/edit/delete their events • Plus more . . . Calendar Manager Features • Customize calendar settings • Allow members to have their own calendars (My Calendar) • Allow users to use the Global Calendar (users can see all events posted to different calendars) • Add/Edit/Delete event categories • Edit/Delete events posted to the calendar • Approve events posted to categories that require approval by a Manager/Administrator • Add/Edit/Delete holidays for the calendar • Allow General Holidays to be shown in the calendar • Allow users to add attachments to their events • Plus more . . . Administrator Features • Administrators inherit all Calendar Manager features • Assign Managers to each calendar • Add an unlimited number of calendars to the calendar system • Add/Edit/Delete General Holidays (these holidays can be used in different calendars • Add/Edit/Delete user accounts • Add/Edit/Delete administrative accounts • Delete events from all calendars, including private events that users may have posted to their own calendars • Plus more . . . General Features • Seamless integration with your existing web site. • Full control over which colors, font face, font size and table widths are used. • 256 predefined colors are available to both users and administrators. • Integration with an external users database. • Allow user registrations. • Plus more . . .

Title: Powered Calendar
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Last Updated: 2002-07-25
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