Infomentum ASPLightning

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ASPLightning is a packaging and deployment tool that protects the intellectual property of ASP (Active Server Pages) application developers and boost the performance of their applications. ASPLightning applications run as natively compiled code in the form of a Visual Basic 6.0 Active Server Component DLL. This allows ASP developers to benefit from Microsoft's VB compiler technology without having to rearchitect their applications for a new programming model. This update has subfolder support and no longer requires that ASP scripts be located in a single directory. Version 1.2.1 also lets you copy additional files, such as HTML and graphic files.

Title: Infomentum ASPLightning
Author: infomentum
Price / Cost: Free Trial/US$499.00
Platform / OS: Win 2000/NT/9*
Version: 1.2.1
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Last Updated: 2004-09-28
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