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Allows administrators to password protect streaming media (video and audio) served through Windows Media Services / NetShow. Restricts the connection of user IP addresses. Validates Form Login against ODBC database. Checks content access rights against ODBC database. Updates intensive reports of media steaming to ODBC database. Limited Concurrent Logins: Multiple persons using the same username and password are detected and prevented from logging in at the same time. This prevents illicit users from posting their usernames and password on the web. Dictionary Attack Protection (DAP): Protects the login form from subversive dictionary attack programs. Dictionary attack programs run through a list of dictionary words, attempting to find a username and password combination that works Limited contents by IP address in a given time. Prevents web spiders from stealing media by blocking their IP addresses.

Title: VideoGuard
Author: nobix
Price / Cost: Free
Platform / OS: Windows NT, 2000
Version: 0.9
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Last Updated: 2002-08-19
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