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Our text ad tool adRevenue means you can place text ads on your site. Text ads have been shown to be less invasive and have a greater response rate than banner ads. Our solution is totally customer self-serve. If you have a Paypal or other merchant account, your website visitors can place their ads on your site in minutes! If web use is up, how come banner advertising click-through rates are down? Users are turned off from banner ads, which tend to get larger and flashier as their response rates fall. Heck, even full page banner ads are now being tested in the industry! Small highly targeted text ads are perfect for your site. If you have a content site, or a search engine, you can setup adRevenue to show different ads on each of your pages with a single line of javascript. The ads are relevent because they are based on the page name, or by a keyword in your search engine Your users only pay for each click... not the number of times that an ad is shown. And you can charge whatever you like for each click. With adRevenue your users serve themselves. Signup and placement of their ad is usually done in a few minutes, and the system is fully integrated with Paypal's Instant Notification System (you can use your own credit card processing service if you like).

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