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MyAdSystem is a powerful advertising management system that allows you to manage the advertising shown in your websites. With it you can obtain the maximum efficiency from your advertising, using a great number of configuration options and the viewing and study of the stats that it offers. What is more it offers you the possibility to manage from a single site the publicity that you show in all your websites, whatever the size and the kind of this advertising. This allows you to save a lot of time in the management and an increase in the benefits you receive from the advertising, thanks to the follow up that can be made of the advertising campaigns that you create. To do this is offers a friendly and easy to use interface, where you have at your disposition all the options that you may need. MyAdSystem can also be used to control your advertising in other webs in order to know the efficiency obtained from the advertising that you are paying for. The system can even be used as an interchange banners system on a small scale If you wan to see MyAdSystem in operation you can do so from our trial system, or asking for an evaluation version of the product.

Title: MyAdSystem
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