Proverbs Event Calendar

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This is a web event calendar developed using PHP and powered by MySQL. The calendar is viewed in month format with a popup window detailing the events of each day as they are clicked on. The calendar is customizable within a single file; allowing changes to the title, color choices, starting day of the week, time format(24hr/12hr) and time zone display. To make changes or add events to the calendar the following username and password are required(password is case sensitive); Username: Admin Password: admin The events of the demo calendar will be cleared every two weeks, or as needed, by the webmaster. Notes and instructions for setup of the calendar are included in the readme.txt file contained in the download, as is a PHP page for creation of the initial calendar database in MySQL. Use of the calendar requires PHP4 and MySQL 3.23.x.

Title: Proverbs Event Calendar
Author: admin00115
Price / Cost: Free (GPL)
Platform / OS: Unix
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 2002-08-29
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