Perl 5 Desktop Reference

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This "official" quick-reference guide to the Perl programming language has now been enlarged to provide a summary of Perl syntax rules, a complete list of standard library modules with brief descriptions, and a precedence table for Perl operators. The guide is current with Perl version 5.003. Perl, having previously established itself as the UNIX scripting tool of choice, is establishing itself as the tool of choice in numerous programming spheres, ranging from the World Wide Web to general-purpose programming. Perl combines in one language virtually all the functionality of the C, sed, and awk programming languages, as well as many functions of a shell. The Perl 5 Desktop Reference provides a complete overview of Perl, from variables to input and output, from flow control to regular expressions -- all packaged into a convenient, carry-around guide that can easily be inserted into your favorite Perl programming manual.

Title: Perl 5 Desktop Reference
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