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VisualMessenger is a web-based instant messaging software that allows users connected to your site to have real-time conversations and send files between them. VisualMessenger dramatically expands the functionality of the web by allowing real-time, two-way communication between your users or employees without special plug-ins or client-side software. VisualMessenger is a highly scalable and robust web-based instant messaging platform designed to support millions of users while delivering the industry's best performance and availability. VisualMessenger is a front-end application that runs entirely on the server and does not require any client side software or applets, your users can access the messenger using any Javascript enabled browser such as IE4.0+, NS4.7+ or Mozilla 1.0+. Since the VisualMessenger client is based on HTML and JavaScript, your users are able to chat and send files even behind firewalls or proxies.

Title: VisualMessenger
Author: mcorp
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Platform / OS: *nix
Version: 4.0
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Last Updated: 2002-09-19
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