Free JavaScript Event Calendar

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This FREE Javascript event calendar tool lets you put an attractive and dynamic event calendar on your web site with optional hyperlinks to more detailed information and image inclusion to add visual appeal. You can assign events to categories and your visitors can selectively hide or display entire categories of events. Category formats can be assigned globally, so that each category can have its own format such as color, but you can override formatting for individual events. You can add messages in the empty space that usually occurs at the beginning and end of most months. And you can allow your visitors to switch to a printer-friendly view and to download the events displayed in a format suitable for importing into MS Outlook and from there into PDA's. With the appropriate external JavaScript functions, you can also automatically add holidays and corresponding dates in an alternate calendar system (Hebrew, Moslem, Indian, Chinese, etc.). This is an enhanced version of a calendar script created by Kevin Ilsen and is compatible with any event definitions you have created for use with his script.

Title: Free JavaScript Event Calendar
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