C++ How to Program (3rd Edition)

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This is an exciting time in the C++ world, according to the MIT graduate authors of this classic introductory programming college text. Within the context of a new ANSI/ISO C++ standard, the major upgrade of this iteration (2d ed., 1998) is its large-scale case study on object-oriented design using Unified Modeling Language (UML). Each of the 21 chapters includes conventional structured programming, but concludes with a "thinking about objects" section using UML. Appendices support the text. The CD-ROM includes Microsoft Visual C++ 6 introductory edition. An ancillary package is available. The authors are the principals of a corporate training and content-creation organization and the authors of books on programming with Java and C-languages.Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Title: C++ How to Program (3rd Edition)
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