ASP Sheriff

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ASP Sheriff is the ultimate webmasters tool, ASP Sheriff allows you to monitor visitos on your website in real time, following them round your website with a live view of the requests they make to enable you to see what is on their screen! ASP Sheriff allows you to watch and see what they see and log a visitors's activity upon request. The software doesnt require any server side components to be installed by the webmaster or the hosting providor. ASP Sheriff is easily integrated through your existing website by adding a simple line of code to your pages, you may even have a page or include that is used on all your pages like a navigation bar, add ASP Sheriff to this and you have enabled your whole website to be monitored by you in the ASP Sheriff webmaster control panel. You can monitor your website quickly and easily from any computer connected to the internet, just login and you have the power!

Title: ASP Sheriff
Author: ridgeonnetwork
Price / Cost: 49.99 / $90.67
Platform / OS: Windows/ASP
Version: 1.1
Last Updated: 2004-06-30
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Web site Language: English
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