Coding Techniques for Microsoft(r) Visual Basic(r) .NET

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This unique title, written by an award winning Visual Basic author, goes beyond simply using academic snippets of code to demonstrate a point or language construct to teach Visual Basic.Net. Mr. Connell feels that the best and quickest way to learn Visual Basic.Net is to build fully functional programs that use several dimensions of the language and explain how they interact in real programs. Designed for the beginning, self-taught, or even experienced programmers who are switching to Microsoft Visual Basic.Net from other languages, this book provides insights on the innovative Visual Basic.Net language, it's integrated development environment (IDE), increased support for XML, and new functionality such as the disconnected ADO.NET, ASP.NET and the new Web Services. If you wish to quickly learn Visual Basic.Net in a clear and concise way, this book will certainly fulfill that goal.

Title: Coding Techniques for Microsoft(r) Visual Basic(r) .NET
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