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The idea of Open Source and standardization is an oxymoron. Most Open Source application documentation lacks any standardization, coming in .CHM, .PDF, HTML, XML, .DOC, Docbook formats, or self-installing CDs. This is very frustrating for programmers who must navigate to the documentation, familiarize themselves with the delivery method, and attempt to find what they are looking for. The ThoutReader™ is an Open Source documentation platform by that allows users to browse, search, bookmark, and append all of their favorite documentation (at the same time) offline in one common interface. It increases productivity by being able to search across, not only application documentation, but also related books which show tips, tricks, screen shots, and examples all in the same coherent fashion. Easy to use creator tools/templates allow you to convert your existing documentation or create new documentation into the ThoutReader™ format.

Title: OSoft Thout Reader
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Last Updated: 2004-10-08
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