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EBA:Grid is the full-featured DHTML Grid Control for Internet Explorer, providing a rich and robust control for programmers who wish to allow their users to edit tabular data in a spreadsheet-like environment. Programmers can quickly develop powerful web applications Benefits Web Service Enabled Submit large, complex datasets directly from your web browser through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Get programming with EBA:Grid now A complete Grid programming control in a using a familiar HTML tag format. Mulitple Edit Masks and Dynamic Look-ups EBA:Grid allows programmers to specify unique edit masks for each grid column to allow users to enter text, numbers, dates, checkboxes as well as drop-down lists and customizable autocomplete textboxes. Leverage the power of XML The EBA:Grids bind to an XML data source that allows users to efficiently modify large datasets. The control keeps track of which cells have been modified so that network traffic is minimized during data transmission. Easy to embed Adding the EBA:Grids to your web page is as easy as adding a couple HTML Tags. Simply add the EBA:Grid tag anywhere in your web page to create powerful grid entry controls for your data. EBA:Grid provides users with a familiar interface for manipulating tabular data using their web browser. EBA Controls ensure higher quality code and shortened development time by modularizing the code and isolating the programmer from the underlying complexity of implementing the interface. Familiar HTML Tag Format EBA:Grid uses the familiar HTML Tag format together with XML to simplify the development of web applications. The resulting environment helps programmers to quickly build robust and sophisticated applications. DHTML - No java applets to load XML Data Driven Web Service Enabled Keyboard Navigation - Just like a spreadsheet! Fast Data Entry Customizable Data Masks - Text, Number, Date Auto-complete using your own datasource

Title: EBA:GridList DHTML Control
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