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TaskPortal is a powerful and flexible online collaboration workspace that empowers you to manage all your projects, work tasks, requests and overall general project management activities from a central location available anywhere, anytime. Its user friendly interface will quickly have all teams delivering rapidly, together, as a single unit, improving collaboration and resolution time. Everything in life can be managed as a project. That maybe true, but each project can be different with a unique set of requirements and tasks. A graphic design team will require a unique set of task types, priorities and statuses to a team that handles development or general user support requests. A strong project matrix or consultancy company may handle projects by assigning a dedicated project manager for each project. A functional organization may handle smaller projects by assigning multiple projects, of similar nature, to a single project manager and the supporting team. TaskPortal realizes this need and offers a flexible system architecture that can be easily adapted to your company’s real life operational needs.

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