Paypal IPN Made Easy!

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IPN can make your online store deliver a notification email, send a file attachment, record and save the order in you order database in realtime. The challenges of IPN and why using our Ecommercemax IPN template will make it a breeze. PAYPAL IPN is a technology that runs behind the scenes. You don't type the IPN URL on your address bar to get to it, it is accessed in your server directly by Paypal gateway. When an error occurs in the middle of the code, there is no visible error that will manifest where the problem came from. Unless you are willing to do a trial and error for each line of code in your ipn processor, you're facing quite a bit of a headache. IPN processor has a built-in AUDIT TRAIL that makes implementing IPN a breeze. It logs each crucial action of your IPN events in text file that you can later review via your browser using a utility that we also provide. Our IPN processor template already includes built-in mail sending capability - sending to you as the vendor and also to the buyer. It also contains a template where you would do additional processing like saving the order to a database. All codes have well placed markers that will let you know exactly what lines to modify and where to put your additional codes.

Title: Paypal IPN Made Easy!
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