Link exchange script

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Features The script is Free The script is made to economize time, and mails, it makes everything for You No need to have a database, or to install anything, but if you want use your own database you can Possibilty to check if the page has a particular theme Partner link is tested every 3days, if there is a problem, link is frozen, waiting for next check If backlink is ok again, link will automatically restablished Everybody is constantly aware of changings with mail Partner page is tested to be conform to google guidelines (will be improved regulary) The script can be used on a unique page, integrated in any page, or used as a directory The script is available in french and english

Title: Link exchange script
Author: berberber
Price / Cost: Free
Platform / OS: *nix
Version: 1.00
File Size: 1kb
Last Updated: 2004-11-03
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