Amazon E-Commerce Services Search examples

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This example demonstrates how Amazon E-Commerce Services can be used to essentially build your own If you can surf it on, you can access it through Amazon's Web Services. (okay...ALMOST anything) The code and powerpoint in this example is from a presentation that I did at the FlaDotNet user group recently. To see it in action, you can actually go to my book section. The demo that you will download varies only slightly. You should also note that when you click on a book image, you can see the full details of the book(reviews, ratings, general info and more) This demo will can act very much like a starter kit in that it gives you some good examples of how to do various searches using Amazon E-Commerce services. Once you see the concept of doing a simple search in your .NET application, extending it to do other types of searches is pretty painless.

Title: Amazon E-Commerce Services Search examples
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