Arsa's Flash News Ticker

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Arsa's Flash News Ticker is an Flash component that autoscrolls news. Easy setup behaviour, direction, margins, fonts, opacity, ets. Also Arsa's Flash News Ticker uses simple XML structure. Features: Define content using XML, JPG images, Scrolling direction, Scrolling speed, Pause time, Arrows position, Resizable, URL links, Background color, Background visibility, Border color, Border size, Pause on mouse-over, Mouse-over background color, Mouse-over background visibility, Base margin, News margin, Text margin, Hand and arrow cursor, Easy to update, Font face, Font size, Font color, Mouse-over font color, Align content, One news per screen.

Title: Arsa's Flash News Ticker
Author: arsaxx
Price / Cost: US $9.95
Platform / OS: Win 98, Win NT, Win XP, *nix
Version: 1.2.0
File Size: 650Kb
Last Updated: 2004-12-19
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