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This tool is very similar to phpMyAdmin, with the difference that the user interface is built using Macromedia Flash 7 technology. You may use phpFlashMyAdmin to edit mysql table definitions and perform other common data management tasks with MySQL. Since Flash is used, there are no annoying page refreshes, as there are with HTML-based management tools. phpFlashMyAdmin takes MySQL management a step further... with this tool, you will now have the ability to create, edit, and remove InnoDB table relationships, a feature that is commonly found in advanced, GUI-based databases like MS Access and SQL Server. You may cascade updates and deletions of table data, and enforce referential integrity among your data. This is a feature which truly sets phpFlashMyAdmin apart from any other MySQL administration tools. phpFlashMyAdmin also includes - like phpMyAdmin - the ability to edit MySQL table definitions, browse pageable datasets, perform custom SQL queries, copy/move tables, backup your database in a variety of ways, and much more. You can also manage multiple MySQL hosts by editing a configuration file which comes with the distribution. Thus, with only a single common interface, you can manage many MySQL databases on various servers, and perform advanced database-management tasks.

Title: phpFlashMyAdmin
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Last Updated: 2005-02-28
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