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FlashCard is new to, added on June 29, 2004. We've all seen greeting card systems, but usually such systems save the greeting card on the server, and only send the user a link. With FlashCard, the card that you draw is actually e-mailed to the recipient as an image embedded in an email!

FlashCard accomplishes this by using the GD Extension of PHP. Since it comes with 100% of the source code, and it highly customizable using a set of XML files that reside on your server, you can make FlashCard look just about any way imaginable! Please note that since this is very new software, it has only been tested under a few server configurations (essentially, the most common PHP/Apache configurations, with PHP 4.3). This will probably work for 90%+ of web servers out there, but possbily not all.

If you identify any bugs in FlashCard, please email Darren at immediately with a description of the error. Screenshots always help, too! :)

Title: FlashCard
Author: tufat
Price / Cost: $5.00
Platform / OS: PHP 4.3+ with GD2 support, Flash Player (for client), PHP mail
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 2005-02-28
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