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New features in version 2.01: - Affiliate system - Affiliates searches and clicks are counted Members are affiliates by default. - Members gets money from affiliate searches and clicks directly to their system accounts. - Members can view affiliate statistics of searches and clicks of any period. - Members can download statistics report - Members can clear statistics log ( after getting money statistics log clears automaticaly ) - Members can get html code directly from control panel - Admin can view statistics of all affiliates - Admin can set cost of affiliate search and click Restore DB - you can restore DB from saved backup file - Member can upload image for each listing. If image is not specified default logo will be used - Lost password lookup feature for members After each charging, members and admin get notification message from WGS-PPC - Members can request to discharge their accounts.Admin make this discharging. Features of previous version : - OSA-PPC Search engine is PHP and MySQL based software. So it is fast and easy to use and install. - PayPal available by default - Money can automatically put on members balance using PayPal IPN !!! - Members bid money to be listed in your catalog, and they only pay every time someone clicks through to their site from your search. - Only 24-hour unique clicks are counted (to exclude fake clicking). - Fully customizable and easy configurable templates for every page, including the search listings, members and admin control panels. - Visitors clicked any link will be redirected to the appropriate members site. - All clicks are counted, so member will pay for every counted click - Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, and if they have enough money in their accounts. -> Members area includes: - Members registration form - Members login page - Main page with account creation date, account balance value, average money spent per day, and estimated time until they run out of money. - Manage Listings, where members can add/edit/delete search listings and change their bids. - Include special type of bids - "no matches" listings - when visitor enters search string like "kjhqkwekqjwey qweuqyiweuqyeijhqkdj" members sites with that special bids will be shown. - Info and password changing page. - Members can define amount of transfer to their account! - Special search to quickly check bids placed on keywords by others. -> Advanced stats: - stats for any period - member just select start and end date stats includes search term, clicks count, total money spent on term and percent value that shows what term is more popular stats for "no matches" bids Link to instructions on how to make payments and add funds to their accounts. - Page where all members bids are listed to make easy to update and check bids - Manage banners, where members can add/modify/delete their banners. When member adds a banner he(she) must specify show bid, click bid and search terms which will be linked with banner. - Member can activate and deactivate banner displays also. - Banners stats - Special mass-submission form for people to submit multiple submissions at once. -> Admin area includes: - Main page with common info such as number of members, collected money etc. - Admin can charge members accounts manually. - Members just transfer money to account of system and admin manualy accepts or declines incoming transfers - Advanced listings statistics: stats of all searches that visitors were made: keywords, searches number, matches number, clicks number, money collected monthly stats - you can view stats for specified month for each day daily searches - you can view detailed stats for specified day top searches - stats of the most popular searches top bids - stats of the most expencive bids - Banners statistics - you can view stats for selected member - Categories - you can create/edit/delete your catalog categories - Keywords filter - you can add/delete keywords that should be filtered - Members: list of registered members with number of terms, members balance, number of clicks - you can view/edit members details - you can view/delete members term bids - you can block/unblock/delete members accounts - you can send a e-mail to all members or to selected members - you can change members account values manualy - Waiting bids - here you can submit or deny all incoming bids ( if option of autosubmition is off ) -> System settings: - Sign up bonus - you can set any account bonus for new members - you can set minimal allowed bid on search terms you can set minimal allowed bid on "no matches" searches - Accept bids automaticaly option - Allow special search option - You can set minimal allowed members balance - You can set your currency symbol - You can set number of "top" values like "top searches" - You can set number of records per page in control panels - You can save changes and restore previous settings one step back - Banners - you can add/modify/delete/activate/deactivate your own banners - Backup DB - you can backup system database in SQL format - Generate stats report - you can get a text file with common stats - Clear Search Log - you can clear search log database to increase speed of stats engine - Payment view all incoming money transfers from members process payment - E-mail notifications sent to members for members registration, account updates, bids submission, account blocking ( account can be blocked manualy by admin or automaticaly if account balance value is less then minimal allowed). - Warning e-mail can be sent out before a customer's account runs out of funds (any amount of days in advance that you want). - Search keywords are logged. - Special mass-submission form for people to submit multiple submissions at once. - Lost password lookup tool. - Users cannot signup more than once. - Create low-level admin accounts for your employees to manage submissions only! - external results from - external results from ->> One Click Easy Installation program <<--

Title: Best PPC Search engine script
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