PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET

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PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is a suite of 20 Web Controls that allow you to update selected form elements from code-behind without refreshing (flashing) the entire page. They mimic many standard Microsoft controls, but allow you to manipulate other controls or return data to the client without disrupting the user experience with annoying full-page refreshes. The ability to manipulate most non-LiveControls from code-behind and have them updated on the client without a full-page refresh. Windows-like mouse, key, and click events that are available from code-behind. Superior Windows-like effects without Java applets, Flash, or JavaScript. A LiveTimer control that will poll the server at any interval. A LiveGrid control that displays, sorts, pages, and edits tabular data without refreshing. LiveListBox and LiveDropDownList controls that can be databound on the server to automatically update the client. A LiveSound control that can play an audio file by calling the Play() method from code-behind. A LiveCallback control that makes it easier to write custom Remote Scripting applications. A LiveMessageBox control to display alert, confirm, or response MessageBoxes from code-behind. A LiveTextBox control to raise callbacks in code-behind, even capturing keystrokes as they occur. A LiveButton control to raise a Click event in code-behind within which you can update any control without a refresh. Controls that will operate in blocking or non-blocking manner on the client. Higher-performance applications because the amount of round-trip data is minimized. Transparent support of most browsers: IE 5.0+, IE 5 Mac, Mozilla 1.3+ (FireFox, Netscape 6+), Mozilla 1.3+ Mac (FireFox, Netscape 6+), Galeon, Konqueror and Opera 5. Graceful degradation to standard ASP.NET postbacks in non-supported browsers. Compatibility with all versions of the .NET Framework.

Title: PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET
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