PRE Business Management System

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Pre Business Management System is consists of complete Customer Relationship Management System, project tracking system, inventory control system and office automation system. A system which controls all business activities from only one terminal. Built in inventory control system manage business related stock, products and categories and many more. Built in calendar shows daily activities, event and alerts. Built in project manage system with instant messaging with employers and clients. Can add projects; assign tasks, monitor projects, set permissions and many more. Built in time tracking system saves employee time in and time out information and also track the tasks assignments and save complete log and many more. Built in documents management system allows user to share documents with assigned permissions. Also restrict add, edit, delete and view permissions. Built in chat and messaging system for inter communication with complete features. Built in address book: to save important contacts and addresses. We have defined main features of our product while it contains a lot more which we cannot explain in short paragraph. Please for brief description. Login with ID: demo and Password: demo and view its complete features in script manual. Please click on demo and take look at our complete Business Management System. General Features are: Inventory System, Site configuration, Peer servers, User accounts, User groups, Applications, Global Categories, Change main screen message, View sessions, View access log, View error log, Find and Register all Application Hooks, PHP information, Site configuration, Image Editor, Site configuration, Calendar, Site configuration, Calendar Management, Time track, Edit Location Table, Edit Job Status ID Table, Edit Work Category Table, Site Setup, Address book, Site configuration, Edit Custom Fields, Info Log, Site configuration, CSV-Import, Breaking News Admin, Maintain News, Forum, Forum Administration, Notes, SiteMgr.

Title: PRE Business Management System
Author: PreProjects
Price / Cost: $99
Platform / OS: Linux, Windows, Unix
Version: 2.5
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Last Updated: 2005-06-30
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