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The AffiliateSide script will allow you to offer products to your visitors, direct from the (us) website! This script is one line of code which is simply configured and placed into your existing website. AffiliateSide will request up to 10 search results from a search query and display them on your website, formatted with your associate's ID built into the link. The best part is, once the script is placed on your site, the script will update the products being displayed automatically. If adds new products to their website that match your search query, they will appear on your website that day! With AffiliateSide PageManager Service, you are able to keep track of all the pages and display counts (hit counter) of how many times your website has displayed the products for your visitors. By joining our service, you will be able to create new styles for your AffiliateSide script to match your website.

Title: AffiliateSide
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Last Updated: 2005-07-13
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