Printer Friendly/Email Delivery

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A feature packed dual function package that creates both Printer Friendly pages and allows visitors to email reference links (with the page title) to friends and colleagues (Email Delivery). Printer Friendly pages are created dynamically and can be set up to include any portion of a web page. All presentations include the URL of the site and a copyright statement (always displaying the correct current year) - and - can include a site's logo at the top. The Email Delivery component uses the same approach as major information web sites. An email message is created using the visitors email client and includes the title of the page and a link to the page, ready for touch up and sending to the recipient. Package includes: 1] Perl/CGI Printer Friendly generator 2] Small JavaScript include file to create links and pass required information dynamically for every page where installed. 3] Two sample icons for printing and emailing 4] Sample template.htm setup and testing page. 5] Comprehensive Setup and User's Guide Designed for setup by webmasters/designers with little or no Perl/CGI programming experience.

Title: Printer Friendly/Email Delivery
Author: skyhunter
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Platform / OS: Unix and IIS
Version: v3.1b
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Last Updated: 2005-08-18
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