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With WS-Album, offer your visitors of multiple galleries sets of themes and completely skeletal. - an unlimited Number of galleries. Create as many galleries as you want on flight! - an unlimited Number of pictures by galleries. - Delivered multilingual English/French. You can add custum languages by editing the file _ params.asp. - Options of the administration panel: . Access administration by password. You can define several managers . Level of high parameter setting; language choice, styles, control of the maximum weight of pictures, redefinition all of the texts... more than 20 options has to define for an entirely personal photo gallery! . Creation/removal of galleries; . Importation of pictures from your hard disk or directly from your numerical camera . Insertion of the date of importation of your pictures

Title: WS-Album
Author: sdiop
Price / Cost: Free
Platform / OS: Win 98, Win NT, win XP, Win 2003
Version: 1.0
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Last Updated: 2005-08-18
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Web site Language: English - French
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