Advice and Warnings for C

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C is a powerful programming language, but not without risks. Without help, even experienced C programmers can find themselves in trouble, despite "careful" programming, lint filters and good debuggers. And managers of programming projects can discover too late that using C carelessly can lead to delayed and defect-ridden software. This tutor helps avoid problems by illuminating the dangers of C and describing specific programming techniques to make C programming both faster and safer. Paul Conte draws on more than 15 years of software development, including writing commercial products using C, to warn you of C and C++ features that trip up even the best C programmers. This tutor is unique in that it takes a critical look at C's deficiencies, but offers tried-and-proven techniques to minimize the chances that common C coding mistakes will lead to serious or hard-to-find software defects. Managers will find Paul's descriptions of C pitfalls and hard-hitting assessment of the language invaluable in deciding when -- or whether -- to use C for programming projects. No other tutor on C programming combines the depth of specific technical information and the strategic assessment of C's capabilities and risks that you'll find in Common Sense C.

Title: Advice and Warnings for C
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