Bannersoft 2.0 - Ad Management & Delivery Software

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Bannersoft supports all standard media formats and is an easy to install, use, and maintain software.Bannersoft interface delivers powerful statistics reporting for administrators, and advertisers in real time. Reports can be generated for different time periods and accounts. Real time report interface provides you up to the minute data.Bannersoft includes a flash graph that gives you a quick report without actually having to read through pages of data. It diplays statistics by month, day, and even hour by hour. Using Bannersoft you can setup email alerts to notify you of important events or to deliver you reports. Customizable mails can be sent automaticaly or manually. You can schedule how often e-mail alerts should be sent to - daily or weekly. By translating just one file, Bannersoft can be easily translated to any other language.

Title: Bannersoft 2.0 - Ad Management & Delivery Software
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Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 2006-03-29
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