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One of the most frequent tasks that web developers receive is that of creating a form to collect user input. One solution is to create the form manually, but in case you need to construct many forms it's getting really boring. But it's not the end. When you finished your work in several week the customer calls you and asks to change some fields. Irritating, isn't it? Now you can solve this problem by integrating in your application our Form Generator. Let your customer to make any changes on his own in easy intuitive way. Whatever they call it: form builder, form creator or form generator, you found it. The Form Generator is truly the snazziest web application for creating usable and great-looking web site forms. With its powerful and intuitive interface you can easily build custom web forms and add them to your site. It has never been so fast and easy. # Contact forms # Feedback forms # Evaluation forms # Registration forms # Order forms Using Form Maker Pro, you can create any kind of web forms for your web site. Let your imagination drive it.

Title: Form Generator
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