Nitobi Grid V3.2

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Display & edit tabular data in IE, Firefox & Netscape with Ajax-powered Nitobi Grid V3. With minimal coding, Grid delivers responsive, interactive data editing in a dynamic user-interface. Features include live-scrolling (for working with large datasets), multiple cell types, remote-sorting & in-place cell editing. Available for ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP, and classic ASP. Features: *AJAX Databinding Connect Nitobi Grid V3 to any table, database (including MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, etc), even generated datasets. *Six Distinct Modes for rendering data - LiveScrolling Ajax, LiveScrolling Local, Paging Ajax, Paging Local, ShowAll Ajax & ShowAll Local. *Copy & Paste into Excel Copy & Paste grid data between Excel or between different grids. *AJAX Sorting Sort data in ascending/descending order by clicking on column header. *Live-Scrolling Scroll through large datasets in real time without performance impacts. *Cross-Browser Supports popular browsers like IE, Firefox & Netscape. *In-place Cell Editing Use built-in editors like: Autocomplete, Textbox, Checkbox, Listbox, images, links, password and many more. *Configurable Toolbar Convenient shortcut buttons with docking/free float ability. *Auto-Save Automatically save user-entry changes back to database without a postback. *Master-Detail Present drill-down information in child table. *Freeze & Resize columns Client-side column resizing & configurable column freezing. *Keyboard Navigation Control navigation by using keyboard and/or Hot Keys. *Tool Tips Display custom help info over any row, column or cell for your user. *Cross-Platform ASP.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, Java & JSF.

Title: Nitobi Grid V3.2
Author: Nitobi
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Platform / OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003
Version: 3.2
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Last Updated: 2006-10-06
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