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ezCourses is a web based Course Management System featuring category/course creation and management , course attendance and feedback tracking, report cards as well as student and instructor management. ezCourses allows instructors to keep track of their schedule upload assignment and interact with students in live discussion via message board and email. Students manage their course registration, attendance and schedule. Admin Features Manage courses and schedules View/Manage attendance Manage instructors and students View feedback comments View report cards Instructor Features Manage Schedule Post Assignments Message board for each course email students Student Features Course Registration Manage Schedule View Report Card Provide Course and instructor feedback View Course specific assignment. Message board Manage profile

Title: ezCourses
Author: mahnes
Price / Cost: US$45
Platform / OS: WinXP, server 2003
Version: 1.01
File Size: 320K
Last Updated: 2007-02-25
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