wArcanoid Episode I

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wArcanoid Episode I is a cool game really something new in arcade, action-puzzle games. It a bit likes an arcanoid, but here you have to shoot on balls, and destroy flying balls, not bricks. Bricks are indestructible. You can also to ping out balls with the bat. But you can't lose any ball. If you miss it, then it will harm one of modules of your space boat at the bottom of the screen, below the bat, on which you are travelling in space, and which you have to protect from the flying balls. And all these you are doing in really 3D space with a great moving colored suns, lighting the balls with different colors. You have to destroy balls of each color with the appropriate bullet. And you have to destroy them faster than they appears time and again. Also you have to catch prizes, that to improve characteristics of your gun (fire rate and the bullet velocity), collect cartridges for your gun, collect Gold, and score points. You have to improve your gun greatly that to overpass the whole way to home (especially the last section). On each level, that to pass it you have to fire certain number of special glass balls and destroy all other. When passing the level your space boat moving via Teleportation Station in other place in Space. So you have to travel for rather long time that to collect enough Gold that to hire the Gnome space flotilla or buy the Magic Ring to defend the planet Earth and our Galaxy from the Aliens armada. The time is another limitative factor. The Alien armada is moving towards the Earth, and if you will not hurry up, after the standard Galaxy week (it's just only 2 hours by our time) the Earth will die. There is not any predefined level by level way in space as in other similar action-puzzle games. You choose your space way by yourself when clicking within your navigation map on any Teleportation Station near the current place of your space boat. Each of them represents a separate level. Totally 513! defferent levels (in full version).

Title: wArcanoid Episode I
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