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Nitobi Tree adds a dynamic, hierarchical data view--similar to the folder view in Windows--to your web application with minimal coding and effort. The Ajax-driven tree component features drill-down, unbound mode, client-side statefulness, skinnability, and a data-driven sidebar. Features include: * Lightweight Ajax architecture * Native support for Java, PHP and Classic ASP, and Coldfusion. Support for ASP.NET will be available in V1.1. * Native support for modern browsers including Internet Explorer 6.0+, Netscape 7.1+, Mozilla 1.3+, Firefox, and Camino * XML-driven * Data driven side panel provides addition info to the user about nodes * Native statefullness--can deserialize from and serialize to XML * Fully compliant keyboard support * Binds a tree to a PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, or Java datasource, or binds to an on-page static datasource * Customizable look and feel, add custom-skinned nodes through CSS templating * Optional opacity and animation effects * Checkbox multi-selection * Supports both Quirks mode and Standards mode * Robust and extendable JavaScript API allows flexibility in runtime behaviour, and customization Nitobi Tree is available as part of the Complete UI suite of Ajax components,

Title: Nitobi Tree
Author: Nitobi
Price / Cost: Starts at US$429 for 7-piece Ajax component suite
Platform / OS: Cross platform support
Version: V1
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Last Updated: 2007-06-06
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