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Internet programmable spider is Brown Recluse. Spider Bot Language (SBL) is designed by Soft Byte Labs is very easy to understand programming language. It uses a variety of features found in C++, VB, Pascal and Java script to allow any programs to rapidly master the language. Lets you download your own scripts or already exist scripts from other websites. This language was designed for internet spidering programs. It means that there is no need to worry about making the functions to access internet, pull web pages or files etc. Brown Recluse lets you pull web pages or files and save them to your HD or display them in just a few lines of simple code, but this isnt it. Brown Recluse firstly scans and manipulates the data in the every possible way. Brown Recluse does not need plug-ins, filters and options to accomplish a task unlike normal spiders. You program it to make it according to do just what do you want. It is also used to scan web sites and process information retrieved, and optionally creates the databases of processed information. The language already includes every thing that you require. For example, if you want to pull a web page and wish to display its source code into the output screen, you simply need to four statements. First one is to create a URL object, second one is to assign the actual URL to pull, third one is to get data and fourth one is to finally display the data.

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