Lucid XML DataManager

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Lucid XML DataManager is designed to enable you to store, manage, query and modify large volumes of XML data. It has Rapid high-quality searching: given its structure and content indexing functionality and a flexible query language, it meets the specific needs of text - and in particular multilingual - processing perfectly. Volume of data: techniques adapted to take extremely large volumes of data into account, similar to those used in the best relational databases, have been adapted to the specific features of XML. Access control: access privileges are defined per user and per collection of documents. Documents can be locked to ensure exclusive use by just one user: locks are persistant from a connection to another. Granularity of access: documents can be handled as individual documents or alternatively at the finer level of the XML structure. Thus, access times are equals for a document or just a part of it.

Title: Lucid XML DataManager
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Last Updated: 2002-12-16
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