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ScriptPad is a HTML/XML/VBS editor and Notepad replacement for viewing source code with Internet Explorer. It offers many tools like the HTML/XML Syntax checker; XML Formatter; VB Tools to help create Interface and components which implement interfaces; Registry tools to check for broken components. It also helps in insertion of several types of code blocks including style sheets and scripts; The original motivation for this tool was to replace Notepad when viewing source code from within IE. It has grown to be much more than that. If you have a need to create many links where the link is different by a number then this function will save you a lot of time.

Title: ScriptPad
Author: admin0064
Price / Cost: Freeware
Platform / OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Version: 3.13
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Last Updated: 2003-01-05
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