Emailing Customized Flash E-cards with PHP and Text Files

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This tutorial explains how to send out customized Flash e-cards to anyone you want, or allow anyone that visits your site to do the same. This tutorial will allow you to set up a much simplified version of say the online Hallmark or Blue mountain e-cards application. This tutorial was designed to be as simple as possible while still being powerful enough to be used as a commercial application. This Tutorial use's only 2 simple php scripts and it will automatically create text files to save all of your data. For this tutorial it is assumed that you have an in-depth knowledge of Flash 5, and can run php scripts on your server. Please note though that the PHP scripts can just as easily be written in Perl or ASP, it's just the technique where concerned about showing here.

Title: Emailing Customized Flash E-cards with PHP and Text Files
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