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HTTP compression is a safe, powerful, and affordable way to save precious bandwidth. httpZip is an IIS server module that reduces costs, improves page load times for your site's visitors, and leverages your current server resources -- transparently compressing Web pages using HTTP encoding algorithms supported in modern browsers. This powerful compression reduces page sizes to as little as 98% of their original size! httpZip takes compression even farther by employing optional white space removal and other forms of safe HTML/CSS compression to improve performance and combat hackers' source sifting. With httpZip's built-in caching feature, pages can be accessed in pre-compressed format, minimizing unnecessary recompression. The result is faster, more efficient page loads, reduced transmission costs, and Web servers that can handle more volume. Unlike IIS' built-in HTTP compression feature, httpZip selectively encodes content and addresses browser incompatibilities right out of the box. The software can be completely customized to adjust compression rules for particular files, directories, data types and more to ensure an optimal user experience. httpZip provides both a standalone- and an MMC-based interface for server administrators, as well as a COM interface for ASP, .NET and ColdFusion developers looking to directly control compression for their Web pages. Of course, httpZip will compress scripted pages transparently for ASP, ColdFusion, PHP and Perl server-side scripting environments.

Title: httpZip for IIS
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