Universal Admin

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Universal Admin Features- Gives you the shell (or a chosen program) prompt right within your browser. Allows you to upload files. Logon authentication You can configure any number of users and assign them different shells. For instance, you can define a Database administrator who gets the Database prompt (SQL*plus or Mysql) directly. Of course, you can use the /bin/sh for file management and process control. The file upload feature can be individually enabled for each user. Displays stdout and stderr in different frames. Keeps command history. Other information The shell and other programs run as the same UNIX user as the owner of the Java Server on the host. Sometimes if the shell command's output is slow, the control may return without the whole output. You should send an empty command to flush the output from the server. Commands that require tty input cannot be run. For File upload operations, the use of Jspsmartupload package is required (included in Universal Admin zip).

Title: Universal Admin
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Last Updated: 2002-06-03
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