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jChatBox is a JSP/Servlets chat application. Server side is 100% Servlets/JSP. Client side could be HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Applet, Flash or Application. System user can open and control multiples chatrooms. Moderators can manage users (list, ban, kickoff), manage blacklist, generate transcripts, do backup, and apply chatrooms parameters such as max users, language, filters, performance, ... Chatrooms are easily customizable thanks to skins. They can be extended by designers or programmers through the jChatBox API. Moreover, jChatBox is ready for XML thanks to its XML Connector service. An Add-Ons section is also available with tools like smiley filter, database authentication, chinese skin, LDAP authentication, Flash client and XMLTranscriptor.

Title: jChatBox
Author: javazoom
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Version: 2.5
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Last Updated: 2003-02-09
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