COMobjects.NET Deep Tree

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Treeview is one of the most popular method of navigating within the site. Most of the scripts requires roundtrip to expand or collapse nodes. Of course some of them use DHTML to expand new nodes dynamically. But what to do if there are thousands nodes in Treeview? You can't load all of them at once. So roundtrip required again. Have you ever seen tree of content at MSDN or navigation menu at our site? Probably, you have noticed that nodes of the tree are downloaded to the browser dynamically. You need not to reload whole page to show some new nodes when you expand it.

Title: COMobjects.NET Deep Tree
Author: admin0058
Price / Cost: Freeware
Platform / OS: ASP, ASP .NET
Version: 1.0
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Last Updated: 2003-02-09
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