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Active Auction House is a web based auction software designed for the auction house business (ex. Only the administrator can add products. Registered users are allowed only to bid on the products. It can handle Standard, Dutch, and Reverse auctions. It can easily be integrated to your existing site because is completely configurable. You only have to modify 2 file (includes/htm_top.htm and includes/htm_bottom.htm). Features Allow Auction, Reverse Auction, Quick Sale Define unlimited depth and number of categories Automatically create Gallery Picture or Thumbnail (requires ASPImage) Items Bidding Module Proxy Bidding Dutch Auction Bid Summary mail an auction to a friend Account Module Current Bid Items Won Answer Questions ClosingThis Week Site Statistics Advance Search Features search all words highlighted searches exact string lookup using "+" ex. "made+in+USA" seaches the whole word "made in USA"

Title: Active Auction House
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Version: 2
Last Updated: 2002-06-04
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