RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer

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RUE- Resource Utilization Explorer is a monitoring tool for java based servers like Tomcat, Tyrex, Enhydra, JBoss, JonAS etc. Rue can be used both as an application and applet and so it is highly flexible. Pluggable samplers or sensors of this applet provide infinite monitoring capability. This applet supports features like configurable data history, aggregation, averaging, out put of HTML reports, JNDI based sensor lookups etc. Data visualization plug-ins allows great extendibility as well as personalization to this applet.

Title: RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer
Author: admin0050
Price / Cost: Free (BSD)
Platform / OS: Unix, Linux, Windows
Version: 0.52
File Size: cca. 2Mb
Last Updated: 2003-02-10
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