AdRevolver Banner Manager

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AdRevolver Banner Manager is a java software for managing advertising like Rich Media advertising campaigns. It enables banner advertising on medium and high traffic web sites. The low cost version of this software can be used in low traffic sites. It supports all banner formats such as images like GIF, JPG, PNG and rich media banners like Flash, HTML and Java etc. It provides GeoTargeting that can target your advertising to the appropriate markets and PayPal payment gateway that can automates the payment process, CPM, CPC, CPA and TimeFrame campaign in any combination etc. It can display 6 million accurately targeted banners per day. AdRevolver Banner Manager works on Unix and Windows server platforms, using any SQL-compatible database and MySQL.

Title: AdRevolver Banner Manager
Author: admin0073
Price / Cost: Free Trial/$99
Platform / OS: Linux, Unix, Win NT
Version: 1.2.4
File Size: 700K
Last Updated: 2003-02-24
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