ZIFT ASP Affiliate Program 1.02

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ZIFT Affiliate Program is an ASP based application that uses a single-table MS Access Database. It has 12 interactive pages for the end user and a very easy to use administrative interface where you may manage all the affiliate users and modify their hits, their amount due and their profiles etc. It features the following ; A signup page with javascript protection for missing or invalid fields. A bannerfarm page to demonstrate the banners or logos to use. A members page where users may log-in with their usernames and passwords and check their accounts real time. A real time update page for the affiliates to update their personal info. An HTML Linking Code page where the members can get their URL links to use on their website. An administrative page where you may view, search or delete the affiliate users in the database, and where only you (the administrator) can log-in with a password. You may easily configure ; Whether to use as a blind click tracker or a unique click tracker. Your payout amount (the amount that you will make the payment when reached.) Whether to keep it local or make it worldwide. Technical Specs ZIFT Affiliate requires a MS Access Database, it only uses 1 table to keep the user information. You may either modify the ODBC name for your system DSN or use a DSNless connection. The IPs are kept in a text file in the server and will not count the user from an IP that`s logged in this file as a hit unless that text file is cleared. You will need this file if you want to build a unique IP tracker system. Avoid this text file for blind click programs.

Title: ZIFT ASP Affiliate Program 1.02
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Version: 1.02
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Last Updated: 2003-03-04
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