Using XML and Relational Databases with Perl

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This article describes how Perl can be used to transfer data between XML and relational databases, and how XML can bridge two databases. This uses MySQL as an example database.

Provisioning From and Connecting To Multiple Databases - An MMS XML and File Toolkit Walk-Through

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This technical walk-trough guides you through a series of steps to introduce Microsoft Metadirectory Services 2.2 Service Pack 1 (MMS) and the new MMS XML and File Toolkit.

Cost: free

Backends Sharing Data

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Backends Sharing Data is a tutorial and an article that tells the users about how to make a script for performing remote procedure calls by using php.

Cost: Free

Interactive SQL Server & XML Online Tutorial

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This tutorial will show you the different methods of retrieving XML from SQL Server, how to control how the data is returned, and then discuss how to navigate through the returned results. You will also learn ways of viewing SQL Server tables from an XML perspective. From there youll learn how to load data into SQL Server using XML natively, including real-time over HTTP.