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Professional scripts! Fully completed websites
If you are a professional or beginner Webmaster looking to start your own business online, these scripts are for you. You donít have to pay a lot of money to someone to design a website for you. All you need is here.
2.50 1065 2005-03-28
Free Flash Templates & Open Source Code
A collection of flash files and open source code.
3.86 1027 2003-07-02
Free JavaScript Event Calendar
Free JavaScript Event Calendar is the javascript tool which helps the user to veiw their calender and to place the calendar in a apt space in the web page.The user can also create default values for the various calender events.
3.75 955 2004-05-15
HTML Chat script
HTML Chat script is a program that can be used by the webmasters to create an online chat system on their websites. This program is based on ASP and generate chat program in the format of HTML.
4.07 683 2004-07-08
Free Shout Box
Traffic eXchange Shout Box. Do you want to have a Shout Box on your website just copy the script onto your site and let your visitors post there website plus a small text.
3.48 668 2003-04-05
ShoutBox! V2.0, the tiny chat application that will turn your entire site into an awesome discussion boulevard. This is a Free, Small, Twisted and Powerful Chat Application, completely developed using Macromedia Flash and ASP
3.47 628 2002-07-17
Flash-XML News Ticker
Flash-XML News Ticker is a flash program that provides the headline news in the format of banner ads. The news data is sent to the flash movie through an XML file.
3.80 615 2004-05-03
Continuous Horizontal Image Scroller
This javascript program allows the webmasters to display their site with horizontally rolling image and it supports unlimited number of images in a single frame.
5.00 519 2004-09-03
Shoutcast Stats
Use this script to have cool music to be played on your website. Shoutcast Stats is a very cute and simple script for playing online music on your Windows media player.
3.40 482 2004-02-05
Flash GuestBook using PHP and Text files
This tutorial teaches how to create a simple, efficient, fast, and easy to implement Guest Book in Flash. There are no complicated database or xml issues to worry about. One swf, one script, and one text file.
3.93 466 2002-12-25