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Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the various types of hosting being offered today. A shared web hosting environment is one where many different clients are sharing the same server as well as the same resources. But each client will be having his own limits on various things. These would include storage space as well as allowed email accounts. Besides, there will be a certain allowed bandwidth per month as well as FTP accounts.

The best shared hosting is one which provides economical as well as resourceful solutions for its clients. This is also referred to as cheap shared web hosting as the resources are being shared. Thus the server's hardware as well as other resources are being used to their full potential. This translates into cheap & affordable web hosting for the client.

Another major advantage of shared web hosting for the client is that he is not responsible for any server maintenance or management. The shared host manages the server for you. Only things which you may have to handle are routine maintenance, tuning, as well as upgrades. Any scripts and applications needed by the client to run his site can be installed by the professional shared host.

Any shared hosting plan is preferred by beginners because of the limited resources as well as its economical price. Shared server hosting is good for those who are unsure of what exactly their needs are. Or for people who do not know how much traffic they will be getting or how much storage space they will require. A shared web hosting service will help them to start out slow, and get their hosting plan upgraded in order to meet their future needs as & when they arise.

Shared website hosting is perfect for those customers who have small size websites & who are looking for domain hosting for a few domain names. Selecting a shared hosting plan means that you are hosting your website on a shared web server which will also be hosting other people's websites. A shared website server is an attractive option for a non-business website. This is because very little setup is required. Ensure that the security team is maintaining a strict monitoring as well as auditing process for their shared server hosting.

There are many cheap shared web hosting solutions for you to get your site up and running. But just because you will be having your web hosting account on a shared web server, it does not mean that you will be getting cheap shared web hosting services.

There are various innovative as well as affordable website hosting features available on the web today. When you share your server with many others, the service providers will be able to offer their customers highly reasonable prices. But this shared hosting segment is a highly competitive one. This means that it is not easy to choose a provider.

Since the shared web hosting is a service shared by many users, it needs to include system administration also. Though this turns out to be beneficial to users who do not wish to deal with it, but it turns out to be an impediment to those who wish to have more control.

In case of shared Linux web hosting, the service provider is in charge of installing the server software, managing of servers, providing security updates as well as any other features of the services. Usually the servers are based on the Linux operating systems. This is because most of the Control Panel products have been made for Linux.

There is a variety of shared web site hosting providers who range from home shops, small design firms, to huge multi-million dollar providers who have hundreds of thousands of customers.

Most of the shared web host market is driven entirely through Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) or the various affiliate programs. Shared hosting is also done privately. This is called cooperative hosting & is done by sharing the cost of running the server.

There are 2 ways in which shared hosting is implemented.

  • IP-based
  • Name-based

IP-based shared web hosting is also known as dedicated IP hosting. In this, each virtual web host is having a different IP address. This is made possible as the web server is configured with many physical network interfaces. Else, it is configured with various virtual network interfaces, all on the same physical interface. Depending on the IP address by which the client connects, the software determines which web site to show the user in.

Name-based virtual hosting is also called as shared IP hosting. In this, the virtual hosts are served multiple hostnames on a single machine which is having a single IP address. When any web browser is requesting any resource from a web server by using HTTP/1.1 it will also be including the requested hostname as a part of that request. The server will be using this information in order to determine which web site is to be to shown to the user. But there are certain disadvantages with name-based shared hosting.

These will not be able to properly support secure websites. This is because all the name-based virtual hosts are using the same IP address. Hence they must also share the same digital certificate. Therefore the server will not know which encryption key is to be used when the connection is made.

Some providers also offer windows shared hosting which are based on Windows operating systems. As per the shared hosting reviews, majority of websites rely on shared hosting in order to host their website. Shared website hosting is affordable as well as reliable. Hence you do not have to bother about the quality of the host that you have. Each site is sitting on a separate section of the server. This way, each site is also separate from other sites while sharing the same server. And, hence the cost of server maintenance is shared by all the clients. And when your site expands, then you can always get a bigger plan.